The St Andrew’s Church Halls have stood at the heart of Histon & Impington for over 150 years and have played an important role in the lives of many local people past and present.

Church Halls circa 1903

The Past

The halls were built in 1834 as a school, extended in 1872 and 1893, and have historically played an important role in village life. The photograph below shows the St Andrew’s Church Halls in 1903, when they were still in use as a school. Further modifications were made later and they were used for a time as a hospital in World War I. Many residents of the village will have more recent memories of attending Sunday School there.

The Church Halls in their heyday (photographed before 1936)

The children used to make holes in the wall with their coins while waiting for classes by the porch door. This has now largely been hidden by the defibrillator, but you can see one fine example near the door.

Graffiti and coin marks from the children waiting for lessons

The Recent Past

For many years the halls were a focal point for many of the children of the village who attended playgroups or church activities and they were used by many different groups throughout the week. However, they were sorely in need of major refurbishment, both internally and externally.

The Church Halls before development (photographed June 2009)

The Development

St Andrew’s Church, Histon started the process of updating the church halls and creating a new centre in 2013 with facilities fit to take the halls forward into the 21st century and to provide a range of modern and comfortable accommodation which will benefit the local community.

The new Saint Andrew’s Centre

The new St Andrew’s Centre was opened by the Bishop of Ely on 7 June 2014.

Dedication 7 June 2014 Bishop Stephen
Dedication by the Bishop of Ely on 7 June 2014.