Regular Events

Hall 1 Hall 2 Upstairs Hall
Monday Zumba (9.30am)
Yoga (1.15pm)
Jazzercise (6.15 and 7.30pm)
Playgroup (9.30am)
Opportunity Group (1pm)
Prayers (12.30pm)
Tuesday Baby Club (10:30am)
Jazzercise (5.45pm)
Yoga (7:00pm)
Toddlers (9.30am)
Jill Bridger Dance (4.20pm)
Forever Active (7pm)
Prayers (12.30pm)
Wham (7pm)
Wednesday Memory Notes (11am)
WW (5.30pm)
Playgroup (9.15am)
Yoga (6.45pm )
Prayers (12.30pm)
Thursday Jazzercise (9.45am and 5.45pm)
VeraFlow (7.30pm)
Playgroup (9.15am)
Boxfit (6.15pm)
Iyengar Yoga (7.30pm)
Prayers (12.30pm)
Friday Zumba (9.30am)
Edge:Friday (7pm)
Toddlers (9.30am) Job Club (10am)
Prayers (12.30pm)
Edge: (7:30pm)
Saturday Zumba (8.30am)
Sunday Edge:Sunday (11am)

Regular Monthly Events

Histon Gamers 2nd Saturday of the month 11am – 4pm in the Upstairs Hall

Positive Birth Movement 3rd Saturday of the month 10.00 – 11.30am

This page is intended to give an overview of the different regular activities on in the Centre but may not be accurate and some events may not be happening over the summer holidays. Please check with the organiser to make sure the event is happening and at what time.

For details about making a booking please see our room booking page or contact the centre manager.