Room Booking

Many of the rooms in the centre are available to hire subject to our terms and conditions.  There is a schedule of rates which shows the prices for the different rooms and the range of discounts available.

The Rooms

Hall 1 is the largest space available for hire in the Centre and is a flexible space suitable for meetings, talks, performances and exercise.

Hall 2 has been designed with children in mind, although it is also suitable for general use.

Upstairs Hall is suitable for smaller groups and can accommodate a range of activities.

Upstairs Meeting Room is a small room intended for meetings.

The Kitchen is available for all users of the building, with facilities ranging from tea and coffee making to reasonably large-scale catering and serving of meals.

The Courtyard is an enclosed area which is suitable as an outdoor play space or external breakout area.

All rooms have power sockets and wi-fi available. Tables and chairs are available for all rooms, please confirm your requirements when booking.

Make a Booking

For more information about availability, to arrange a visit or to make a booking, please contact Jo Roach, the Centre Manager by email at or call 01223 320420.