How To Get To Us

This page aims to help visitors to the Saint Andrew’s Centre choose the most sustainable way to travel.  Given its central location on the High Street many of the most sustainable ways of reaching the Centre are also the quickest and cheapest. These include:

Walking – more than half the roads in Histon and Impington are within 10 minutes walk of the Centre.

Cycling – a quick way of reaching us from neighbouring villages.

Bus – the Citi 8 bus stops outside the Centre and the Guided Bus is 15 minutes walk away.

Hicom Minibus – the village minibus is available for community groups to hire.

Driving – where the more sustainable ways of reaching the Centre are not practical.

You can also download the full Travel Information Pack.

Sustainable Travel

Sustainable travel is important as it can improve the health and well-being of the travellers and at the same time reduce harm to the environment.

For instance:

  • Walking and cycling are healthier than travelling by car and do not cause congestion or pollution.
  • Travelling by bus or sharing a car also help to cut congestion and pollution.
  • Private car is the least sustainable way of travelling to an event.

By replacing a solo car journey with a more sustainable mode such as cycling, walking, car share or using public transport, visitors to the Centre can benefit themselves and their community. These benefits can include improvements to health and fitness levels, reductions in stress, money savings, reducing congestion and helping improve the environment.

Our Address:

Saint Andrew’s Centre
School Hill
CB24 9JE